Amy Grant

Amy Lee Grant (born November 25, 1960) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, media personality and occasional actress, best known for her Gospel and Contemporary Christian music.

Grant made her debut as a teenager, and gained fame in Contemporary Christian music during the 1980s with such hits as “Father’s Eyes,” “El Shaddai,” and “Angels.” During the late 1980s and 1990s she become one of the first gospel artists to cross over into mainstream pop, on the heels of her successful albums Unguarded and Heart in Motion, the latter of which included the number-one single “Baby Baby.”

As of 2009, Grant remains the best-selling Contemporary Christian music singer, having sold over 30 million units worldwide. Grant has won six Grammy Awards, 25 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, and had the first Christian album ever to go, “Platinum.”  Heart in Motion is her highest selling album, with over five million copies sold. She was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005.

If you want to know Amy Grant’s story, all you really have to do is listen to her songs. From the first time she picked up a guitar as a teenager and sang for her school friends, to the albums she’s recorded that have racked up multi-platinum awards, Amy’s always found a musical way to share her life. And in the process, she’s not only become an icon in Christian music (and could, in fact, be credited with launching the genre) but also one of the most celebrated artists in pop music today.

Music was always a part of Amy Grant’s life. She can still recall the thrill of a cappella singing at her family’s Church of Christ services and later, as a teenager, discovering a freer musical expression with the young people in her school and church. In fact, one of Grant’s first performances was at a chapel service for her fellow students. The event was pivotal for Amy — it unveiled not only a musical talent, but a true gift of connecting with her peers. From that day on, Amy Grant was marked as an artist, a role model, a kindred spirit and a seeker. Through the next 25 years none of those titles ever faded away.

Although Amy Grant is truly a daughter of Nashville, she was actually born in Augusta, Georgia in 1960 during her father’s doctor’s residency there. Amy was still a baby when the family returned to Nashville. The youngest of four daughters, Amy and her sisters (Mimi, Kathy and Carol) grew up in a home of privilege, strong family loyalty and fervent religious faith. In church she learned the hymns and stories that would inspire both her life and her music. During her years at Nashville’s most prestigious private schools, those inspirations found a home and an outlet as Amy began dabbling with songwriting and performing.

Studio albums

  • Amy Grant (1977)
  • My Father’s Eyes (1979)
  • Never Alone (1980)
  • Age to Age (1982)
  • A Christmas Album (1983)
  • Straight Ahead (1984)
  • Unguarded (1985)
  • Lead Me On (1988)
  • Heart in Motion (1991)
  • Home for Christmas (1992)
  • House of Love (1994)
  • Behind the Eyes (1997)
  • A Christmas to Remember (1999)
  • Legacy…Hymns and Faith (2002)
  • Simple Things (2003)
  • Rock of Ages…Hymns and Faith (2005)

Extended Plays

  • “Ageless Medley” (1983) – EP
  • “A Moment in Time” (1988) – EP
  • She Colors My Day (2009) – EP

Live albums

  • Amy Grant In Concert (1981)
  • In Concert Volume Two (1981)
  • Time Again…Amy Grant Live (2006) – CD/DVD


  • The Collection (1986)
  • Songs From The Loft (1993)
  • Greatest Hits 1986–2004 (2004) – limited edition
  • My Best Christmas (2005)
  • Greatest Hits (2007)
  • The Christmas Collection (2008)


Grant is the author of several books, including a memoir, Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far, and a book based on the popular Christmas song Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song).

  • Grant, Amy (1985). Amy Grant’s Heart to Heart Bible Stories. Worthy Pub. pp. 96 pages. ISBN 9780834401303. 
  • Grant, Amy (2001). Breath of Heaven. Nashville: W Publishing Group. pp. 64 pages. ISBN 0-8499-1732-8. 
  • Grant, Amy (Narrator) (2006). Rabbit Ears Beloved Bible Stories: the Creation, Noah and the Ark. Listening Library (Audio). ISBN 9780739337097. 
  • Grant, Amy (2007). Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far. Flying Dolphin Press. pp. 240 pages. ISBN 0-385-52289-4. 

Popular culture

  • The cover for the comic book Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #15 (March 1990) featured an unauthorized image of Grant, leading to a lawsuit against publisher Marvel Comics.[20][21]
  • In 2001, Grant sang God Bless America in front of a sellout crowd at the Owen County Fair Grounds in Spencer, Indiana. She dedicated her performance to the victims of 9/11, and officially started the Demolition Derby.
  • Following the 9/11 attacks, Grant’s “I Will Remember You” saw a resurgence in popularity as many radio DJs mixed a special tribute version of the song.
  • In 2001, Grant won $125,000 for charity on the “Rock Star Edition” of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.[22]
  • Propagandhi’s song “Back To The Motor League” refers to Grant in its lyrics, saying, “Take back your Amy Grant mosh crews, your fair weather politics.”


Grammy Awards

 Wins2006 – Award – Best Southern, Country, or Bluegrass Gospel Album – Rock of Ages…Hymns & Faith

  • 1988 – Award – Best Contemporary Album – Lead Me On
  • 1986 – Award – Best Gospel Performance – Unguarded
  • 1985 – Award – Best Gospel Performance – Angels
  • 1984 – Award – Best Gospel Performance – Ageless Medley
  • 1983 – Award – Best Contemporary Album – Age to Age


  • 1994 – Nomination – Children Spoken Word – Lion & the Lamb
  • 1992 – Nomination – Album of the Year – Heart in Motion
  • 1992 – Nomination – Song of the Year – Baby Baby
  • 1992 – Nomination – Record of the Year – Baby Baby
  • 1992 – Nomination – Pop Performance Female – Baby Baby

Special awards and achievements

25 Dove Awards – Four Time Artist of the Year

  • 2007 Inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame and Museum[24]
  • 2003 Inducted into the Gospel Music Association “Hall of Fame”
  • 2003 Seminar in the Rockies Summit Award
  • 2005 Inducted in the Hollywood walk of fame
  • 2001 “Nashvillian of the Year”
  • 1999 The Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Symphony and Tennessee Performing Arts Center: “An Evening with the Arts” Honoring Grant’s contributions to the Nashville Performing Arts Community
  • 1999 The Target House – The Amy Grant Rose
  • 1996 TNN Awards – Sarah Cannon Humanitarian Award
  • 1996 Columbia Hospital – Minnie Pearl Humanitarian Award
  • 1996 ASCAP Award – Voice of America
  • 1996 Academy of Achievement – Golden Plate Award
  • 1994 St. John University – Pax Christi Award
  • 1994 Nashville Symphony – Harmony Award
  • 1992 Junior Chamber of Commerce – Outstanding Tennessean
  • 1992 Nomination – American Music Award – Best Rock/Pop Performance by a Female
  • 1992 Nomination – MTV Awards – “Baby Baby” Video

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