Bebe Winans

Benjamin “BeBe” Winans (born 17 September 1962) is a Grammy Award-winning gospel and R&B singer. He is a member of the noted Winans family, most members of which are also gospel artists.

The PTL Club

He released several albums, first with his sister CeCe Winans, and later as a solo artist. Jim Bakker’s television show “The PTL Club” took interest in BeBe and his sister CeCe as background vocalists for the show. After going to North Carolina to audition they were accepted. BeBe and CeCe moved to the PTL campus in North Carolina, and were on the show for about five years.

During their time on PTL, BeBe and CeCe recorded “Lord Lift Us Up” on PTL’s label after popular demand on the show. Eventually the success warranted another effort: a full length album. The album did well on the charts. BeBe and CeCe left PTL to pursue their singing career and recorded five albums together including self titled BeBe & CeCe Winans, Heaven, Different Lifestyles, First Christmas and Relationships. In 1995, BeBe and CeCe split up to pursue solo careers.


Solo albums

  • BeBe Winans (Sparrow/Atlantic, 1997)
  • Love & Freedom (Motown, 2000)
  • Live and Up Close (Motown, 2002)
  • My Christmas Prayer (The Movement Group/Still Waters/Hidden Beach, 2004)
  • Dream (The Movement Group/Still Waters/Hidden Beach, 2005)
  • Cherch (The Movement Group, 2007)

Albums with CeCe Winans

  • Lord Lift Us Up (PTL, 1984)
  • BeBe And CeCe Winans (Sparrow/Capitol, 1987)
  • Heaven (Sparrow/Capitol, 1988)
  • Different Lifestyles (Sparrow/Capitol, 1991)
  • First Christmas (Sparrow/Capitol, 1993)
  • Relationships (Sparrow/Capitol, 1994)
  • Greatest Hits (Sparrow/EMI, 1996)
  • The Best Of BeBe And CeCe (Sparrow, 2006)
  • Still (B&C/ Malaco, 2009)[13] #1 (Gospel), #2 (R&B),#14 (US Pop)


  • “All Of Me” (Myrrh, 1996)
  • “In Harm’s Way” (Atlantic, 1997)
  • “Thank You” (Atlantic, 1997)
  • “Stay” (Atlantic, 1997)
  • “I Wanna Be The Only One (featuring Eternal)” (Atlantic/EMI, 1997)
  • “Coming Back Home” (Motown, 2000)
  • “Jesus Children Of America” (Motown, 2000)
  • “Tonight Tonight” (Motown, 2000)[14]
  • “Do You Know Him” (Motown, 2002)
  • “I Have A Dream” (TMG/Still Waters, 2005)
  • “Safe From Harm” (TMG/Still Waters, 2005)
  • “Love Me Anyway” (TMG/Still Waters, 2005)

Other appearances

  • “Golden Opportunity” from Tomorrow (Light, 1984) with The Winans
  • “Love Is You” from Daniel Winans & Second Half (A&M, 1987) duet with Marvin Winans
  • “Its Only Natural” and “Arms Of Love” Kaleidoscope (Dayspring, 1987) with Keith Thomas
  • “Do You Feel Their Pain?” from Justice (Sparrow, 1989) duet with Steve Camp
  • “Abundant Life” from Ron Winans Family & Friends Choir VOL I (Selah, 1987)
  • “A Song Of Concecration” from Ron Winans Family & Friends Choir VOL III (Selah, 1991)
  • “All Of Me” from My Utmost For His Highest: The Covenant (Myrrh, 1996)
  • “Stay With Me” from The Prince Of Egypt: Inspirational (Dreamworks, 2000)
  • “I Don’t Want To Be Wrong Today” from We Are Family 2007: Artists & Friends for Hurricane Relief (Point of Light Foundation, 2007)
  • “Broken Bridges” 2006 CMT Film, sang with Willie Nelson and Toby Keith
  • “He’s On Your Side” 1994 Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Choir

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