Juanita Bynum

Juanita Bynum (born January 16, 1959) is a Pentecostal televangelist, author, actress and gospel singer

Early life

Juanita was one of 5 children from the marriage of Elder Thomas Bynum Sr. and Katherine Bynum. She grew up in Chicago, and receive a starring role in Perry Middle School’s annual play, My Fair Lady. Bynum attended Saints’ Academy Church of God in Christ (COGIC) High School (a boarding school) in Lexington, Mississippi. Bynum was raised as an attendee at St. Luke Church of God in Christ in Chicago, a Pentecostal church.

Personal life

After graduating from high school, she started preaching in nearby churches and at revivals. Gaining some notoriety at this point, she began a series of what she calls “Lessons in Submission.

In 1996 Bishop T.D. Jakes invited Bynum to attend one of his singles’ conferences, where she rose from attendee to speaker in 2 years. In 1997, she released her No More Sheets video and audiotape series about her change of lifestyle out of sexual promiscuity. In July of 1999, Bynum re-preached “No More Sheets” at Jakes’ 52,000 attendee Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference in Atlanta. She began appearing regularly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network as an anointed prophetess.

In 2000, Bynum taught a class on the subjects of character, submission and time management at Greater Bethel Ministries in Hempstead, New York, attended by a class of approximately 70 women. While teaching, her Women’s Weapons of Power Conference was organized. The Weapons of Power conference was held annually through 2006.


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