Kurt Carr Singers

Kurt Carr is a gospel music composer and performer. While living in  Hartford, Connecticut he served as Minister of Music at The First Baptist Church of Hartford located at the time on Greenfield Street. Kurt credits Archbishop LeRoy Bailey as a positive influence in starting his professional gospel career, as Archbishop Bailey enabled Carr to perform his own music during church services.

Kurt Carr, born in the early 1960’s in Hartford, CT, is a stellar award winning gospel music artist and founder and leader of The Kurt Carr Singers.


He grew up in a family who believed in Jesus, but were not deeply involved in church. At the age of 13 Kurt found himself being drawn to the church more and more. He became an active member in the church’s music department. At the age of 17 he realized that he was being called to do something even higher with his life. After High School, Kurt was accepted into the University of Connecticut’s music program, studying classical music, where he earned his Fine Arts degree. From there he began to go further and further with his music.

Musical Career

Carr’s music is a blend of traditional Gospel composition and vocals, elements of R &B, jazz, soul, blues, and the distinct modern harmonies and singing styles found in Urban Contemporary Gospel. The Kurt Carr Singers under Kurt Carr’s direction and musical influence have created six albums. Kurt Carr has won four stellar awards.

Mission Statement

“To go forth into the world, making disciples of all nations, through the power of the Holy Spirit.”


“One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Church.”

Life Time Goal

“When it’s all finished, and the Lord has called me home, there’s just one thing I hope people will be able to say about me. And that’s ‘Well done Kid.”


Together (1991)

Serious About It (1994)

No One Else (1997)

Awesome Wonder (2000)

One Church (2005)

Just the Beginning (2008)


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