Toby Mac

Kevin Michael “Toby” McKeehan (born October 22, 1964 in Fairfax, Virginia), professionally known as TobyMac, is a popular Grammy Award-winning artist, producer and songwriter. TobyMac is one of the very first Christian rappers. He was first known for being a member of the Christian singing trio DC Talk, staying with them from 1989 until their announced hiatus in 2000. He has since continued a successful solo career with the release of three studio albums: Momentum (2001), Welcome to Diverse City (2004) and Portable Sounds (2007), as well as two remixed albums of the first two albums titled Re:Mix Momentum and Renovating Diverse City, respectively. Between DC talk and his own solo career, he has sold over 10 million albums.  TobyMac has had six #1 hit CHR singles including, “Made to Love,” and, “Lose My Soul.” His live concert CD+DVD combo album, Alive and Transported, was released in 2008 and received the Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album at the 51st Grammy Awards, in 2009.

Studio albums

  • Momentum (2001)
  • Welcome to Diverse City (2004)
  • Portable Sounds (2007)
  • Tonight (2010)

Remix albums

  • Re:Mix Momentum (2002)
  • Renovating Diverse City (2005)

Live albums

  • Alive and Transported (2008)


  • “Get This Party Started”
  • “Irene”
  • “Somebody’s Watching”
  • “Extreme Days”
  • “This Christmas”
  • “Burn for You”
  • “Gone”
  • “Phenomenon”
  • “Diverse City”
  • “Burn For You (Shortwave Radio Mix)”
  • “Made to Love”
  • “Ignition”
  • “No Ordinary Love”
  • “One World”
  • “Boomin”
  • “I’m for You”
  • “Lose My Soul”
  • “City on Our Knees”
  • “Showstopper”

WoW Hits

  • 2002: Somebody’s Watching
  • 2003: Irene
  • 2004: Phenomenon
  • 2005: Gone
  • 2006: Atmosphere (Remix) with DC Talk
  • 2007: Burn for You (Shortwave Remix)
  • 2008: Made to Love
  • 2009: Lose My Soul
  • 2010: City on Our Knees


  • Momentum DVD
  • Portable Sights
  • Alive and Transported


Grammy Award nominations
  • 2003: Best Rock Gospel Album – Momentum
  • 2005: Best Rock Gospel Album – Welcome to Diverse City
  • 2008: Best Gospel Song – “Made to Love”
  • 2008: Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album – Portable Sounds
  • 2009: Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album (Alive and Transported) – won
  • 2010: Best Gospel Song (City on Our Knees)
GMA Dove Award nominations
  • 2002: Rap/Hip Hop Album (Momentum)
  • 2002: Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song (“Somebody’s Watching Me”)
  • 2003: Short Form Music Video (“Irene”)
  • 2005: Rap/Hip Hop Album (Welcome to Diverse City)
  • 2006: Rock Recorded Song (“The Slam”)
  • 2006: Special Event Album of the Year (Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
  • 2008: Artist of the Year
  • 2008: Short Form Music Video of the Year (“Boomin'”)
  • 2009: Long Form Music Video of the Year (Alive and Transported)

Music videos

  • “Get this Party Started” (Momentum)
  • “Irene” (Momentum)
  • “Extreme Days” (Momentum)
  • “Gone” (Welcome to Diverse City)
  • “Boomin'” (Portable Sounds)
  • Feelin’ So Fly (Portable Sounds)
  • Lose My Soul (Portable Sounds)

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